“Cremations R Us” by Sabbath

Since its inception, in 1992, Walter E. Sabbath, Jr. Funeral Service has paid special attention to families and individuals that choose cremation as a part of final disposition planning. When we entered the funeral service arena, cremation was frowned upon for many reasons. It was seen as not caring, or being against religious beliefs by many or the choice only as a last resort. However, because of increased popularity, greater dignity has been given to the choice of cremation. Now those choosing cremation, are seen as environmentally friendly or preserving a financial legacy for survivors.

With that as a backdrop, we know that now is the time for Walter E. Sabbath, Jr. Funeral Service to establish ourselves as cremation experts. So, we are introducing “Cremations R Us,” the component of our business that will focus on cremation services. In over twenty-six years, we have developed final service options that meet the needs of a diverse clientele. Our Cremations R Us selections range from the Farewell Direct with no viewing and no service to the Final Glimpse with a private viewing just before the cremation to a Full Funeral Service, at any location, followed by cremation.

We invite you to consider the selections and determine which one will meet your needs. We also offer urns that appeal to varied tastes. Visit our Urn Store to choose the urn that is right for you. Our list of cremation arrangements says, “We Care.”

When a loved one dies
Everyone must consider what to do

Cremation is a viable option
Ample room is made for creativity
Religious beliefs are respected
Each arrangement is unique


We know that the needs of families are the same whether they choose burial or cremation. To that end, we have designed arrangements followed by cremation to suit a variety of needs. All arrangements include the return of the cremains or “ashes” to the family. Urns are not included in the arrangements and can be purchased separately. Scattering of cremains can be arranged by us for an additional fee.


This arrangement type is designed for families that do not want to view the remains of their loved one. Also, they do not want a funeral service or memorial service that will require our presence. The price includes our professional service charge, the fee to remove the body from the place of death to the funeral home for inspection, the fee for the removal to the crematory, and the cost of the cremation.

We encourage family members to gather at the home, nursing home, hospital or other places of death to say their final good-byes to their loved one. We will make the removal as soon as the family is ready.

*Depending upon the day and time of death, a storage fee may be added and/or embalming may be required.


This arrangement is appropriate for families that need to view their loved one just prior to the cremation but, do not want or need a public or formal service. There is no embalming or casket involved. The viewing will be for immediate family members only, allowing for up to seven (7) people. In addition to the Farewell Direct services and fees described above, the price includes professional service charges, body preparation cost, an additional removal, and facilities charges. The viewing or Final Glimpse is possible only at the funeral home.


This arrangement accommodates families that do not want or need to view their loved one but want to gather in a formal service. The services and fees that are included in the Farewell Direct services above are automatically included here. The price for this package additionally includes professional services for the Memorial Service, chapel or offsite setup charges, guest register, and printed programs (100 black and white, single-fold). This price does not include a limousine, musician or flowers.


This arrangement is designed to meet the needs of families that want a public viewing and no formal service. It allows for delayed scheduling of the final disposition. It also affords the opportunity for more family and friends to view prior to the cremation. The charges relative to the Final Glimpse and the cremation are included. Additional professional services fee, set up charge, embalming, and presentation costs are also included. This price does not include printed programs, limousine, musician or flowers. This viewing can be held only at the funeral home.


The families that request this arrangement have the need for immediate family members (7-person maximum) to view their loved one just before the cremation, as well as to gather in a formal service setting. This price includes the charges for the Final Glimpse, with the additional professional services for the Memorial Service, chapel or offsite set up for the Memorial Service, guest register, and printed programs (100 black and white, single-fold). This price does not include a limousine, musician or flowers. The Final Glimpse can be held only at the funeral home.


Families will select this arrangement when they want to have the freedom to choose from a wide array of goods and services. Families that want a public viewing and funeral service prior to the cremation will select this type of arrangement. They also have the choice of location for the funeral service. Embalming will be required, since final disposition will usually be delayed, and services can take place offsite. The families will have the opportunity to customize the service according to their needs.


We have a wide selection of urns from which families may choose. They include regular size and miniature memento urns.


9/12/2018 - Prices are subject to change without notice.

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