Caring Funeral Arrangements in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

At Walter E. Sabbath, Jr. Funeral Service in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, our funeral arrangements provide the opportunity for you and your family to design and personalize final services that reflect the life of your deceased loved one. What makes these services unique is that we have a licensed funeral director and a licensed social worker which allows us to connect with the families on a deeper level.

Life Story

One thing that is important is the development of the life story, commonly called the obituary. After you start the life story of your loved one, we then take that and finalize it.  If necessary, we will interview people that were in the life of the deceased to create the most accurate life story.

Another important piece is the selection of goods and services that reflect the lifestyle of the deceased as it relates to their appearance for the service. These can include the type of clothing the deceased wore, the beautician and barber services that they preferred, as well as their choice of cosmetics. Additionally, we offer a wide variety of ideal casket and urn choices.

Flowers - Funeral Arrangements

Memorial Displays

We also help families develop collages and memorial displays that capture the essence of the deceased.  Whether the final service includes a public viewing, or is a memorial service, we will set up the memorial display and supervise the service.

Military Honors

Special attention is given to veterans and their families in terms of making sure that they access all the benefits available. We arrange for all the proper benefits that are connected with a military burial such as the honor guard and the flag.

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